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The more difficult the design you want to think about? Let’s take a look at the urban jerseys of each team in the NBA 2019-20 season-(Western District)(1)

After Nike began signing with the NBA, it began to produce a City Edition jersey for each team every year, which not only connects with local teams and local cities, but also designs jerseys that combine local culture and history.

   After Nike started signing with the NBA, it began to produce a City Edition jersey for each team every year. It not only connects with local teams and local cities, but also designs jerseys that combine local culture and history. In the third year, it can be seen that the Nike design team has begun to lack some inspiration. Some urban jerseys are really not very good. After all, it is really tired to launch 30 urban team designs in one year, but the author is still very Looking forward to the surprise of the city jerseys every year. After watching the East team in the last chapter, let us continue to watch the West team!!

Utah Jazz Jersey

The jazz team “still” continues to use the red gradation color jersey that is based on the concept of the local stalactite landscape. It has not changed from the first year to the present. Although the style is very beautiful, the author still wants to see a different color. The style of the department, such as the aqua blue with purple used in the early years team logo, must be beautiful.

The retro jersey style worn by the Jazz this year, the style of the 90s Great Iceberg series is also one of the favorite jerseys of collectors, I wonder if Taiwan NIKE will sell it?

Experience: Although the gradation color style is very good, but the Jazz team has not changed after three years of use. It is really lazy.

Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey

The Gray Wolf team’s style this season uses aqua blue, based on the largest Lake Superior in Minnesota’s five most famous lakes, which consists of more than 10,000 lakes. The composition is therefore nicknamed “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, and a white line on the side of the jersey represents the river flowing from Lake Suporil.

In addition, the name of the team used to say goodbye to the name of the gray wolf or Minnesota, but to use the name “MSP”. MSP is composed of “M” in Minneapolis, two major cities in Minnesota, and Saint Paul Saint Paul’s “SP”, these two cities are the most prosperous cities in Minnesota, so they have the nickname of “Twin Cities TWINS CITY”, which is how the naming of the Twin Cities of the Major League was born.

At the same time, MSP also stands for the abbreviation of the local large airport “Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport”.

A detailed photo of the jersey, you can see the pattern on the waist of the ball pants, which is the pattern of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and put this slogan THE CITICES, representing the nickname of the Twin Cities, the middle line is Mississippi River. Image source: Gray Wolf Twitter and official website

Experience: This paragraph is simple and clear, overall it is very good, and the color system is comfortable.

Houston Rockets Jersey

The Rockets of this era are no longer using Chinese jerseys, but changed to the abbreviation H-TOWN of Houston City and the space style as the new style. The font style is quite like the font used by NASA, and the Rocket R team is placed on the side of the jersey. The emblem and the shorts are put on the American flag . In fact, if you use SPACE CITY, it may be more convincing to show the combination of local and NASA culture.

Image source: Rockets Twitter

Experience: Ordinary can be better style.

Dallas Mavericks Jersey

The Lone Ranger style uses green and blue in color, the overall color of the jersey is gradually blue, and the MAVS font on the chest is a street style font, which is bold and lively. On the whole, the font is matched with the color. very nice.

The green fluorescent color represents the neon green emitted by Bank of America Plaza, the tallest building in Dallas, which is also the origin of the first green model of this year. Image source: Lone Ranger Twitter

Bank of America Plaza in Dallas.

Experience: The street font of this style is eye-catching and very suitable for street wear.

Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey

The Thunder are different from the last Aboriginal model. This year’s style is to commemorate the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 as a jersey designed for the idea.

This is a black background with bronze elements everywhere. On both sides of the jersey are the time gates representing the Peace Memorial (as shown below), one carved at 9:01 and the other at 9:03, which corresponds exactly The number in the jersey means, and the middle pool represents the moment of the explosion (9:02). The gray logo on both sides of the ball pants is the corresponding pool.

The tree on the waist of the ball pants is the elm tree. At the time of the bombing, the tree was not affected by the explosion. The survivors of the bombing called the tree of “survivors” as Oklahoma City. The symbol of the National Memorial has also become one of the city’s landmarks, and words commemorating the dead are embroidered on the jersey.

The Thunder also replaced the new jersey this season. In fact, the original blue and white fonts were reversed and the color was adjusted. The statement jersey was changed from the original dark blue to orange (already appeared last season), and The color of the team name changed to aqua blue. Image source: Thunder Twitter and SPORTSLOGOS NET

Experience: A commemorative style, seemingly ordinary but hiding the historical meaning behind, full of sincerity urban jersey.

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