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Let’s take a look at the urban jerseys of each team in the NBA 2019-20 season-(Western District)(3)

Phoenix Suns

The Suns still use LOS SUNS as the city jersey, LOS SUNS is the Spanish Sun, and Arizona is close to Mexico. The state has many Latin ethnic groups like California, so it uses LOS SUNS as the Suns. The combination of local culture and local culture, this year’s style changed from last year’s purple line to black line, and the font part of the last year’s style has details in this year’s words and it seems that this year there is no, then the pants part still has the Arizona flag. Image source: Suns official website

The Suns’ statement jersey this season replaced the team name with the team’s small LOGO. Although it’s pretty good, it’s slightly smaller.

Experience: There is no style that is easy to say, although the color is not bad.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers’ city jersey has always been a tribute to the team’s past balloon stars. The first year is KOBE, the second year is Magic Johnson, and this year is the knight. O’Neal, the jersey has side pants. The three stars on the side represent O’Neill’s three consecutive championships won by the Lakers in the 01-03 season, and the jersey font has a distinct three-dimensional sense reminiscent of the three-dimensional number font of the early Lakers.

DR.BUSS is written on the waist of the shorts. It is to commemorate the passing of the Lakers Jerry Buss. O’Neill described it as the best boss he has seen in his career. This LOGO is made to let the world remember this legendary boss. The entire LOGO The background is taken from the Hollywood Mountains in Los Angeles, and the font arrangement is also from the HOLLYWOOD arrangement on the mountains.

On each star is O’Neal’s number 34 when he was in the Lakers. He said that this number is of great significance in his life (because he almost wears the number 32 in his career), I hope people remember.

In addition to seeing O’Neill’s signature on the jersey label, there is also a “LORE SERIES” legend series next to it. In addition to symbolizing O’Neill’s legendary career in the Lakers, it also means the entire Lakers legendary series under the stars. . Image source:

Experience: The legendary star city full of sincerity, but the author still likes the black Mamba model of KOBE.

Los Angeles Clippers

The speedboat team’s announcement of this year’s urban style has attracted a lot of attention. The font of this style uses tattoo-style fonts, sharp and personalized fonts, reminiscent of the local tattoo art in Los Angeles and street culture (even even There is also a gang culture), which is also very similar to the game cover font of the famous video game “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas”. This design was designed by Los Angeles tattoo and graffiti artist MISTER CARTOON. The artist’s design philosophy is to Striking, let the public know the power of the Clippers and the local culture of Los Angeles.

Link to more design ideas

In the sleeveless shirt, there are still the red and blue colors of the Clippers.

The team’s publicity and venues are full of West Bank street culture. Image source: Clippers Twitter

Experience: This urban jersey has really won praise from many jersey enthusiasts. Tattoo fonts alone are worth buying.

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