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Let’s take a look at the urban jerseys of each team in the NBA 2019-20 season-(Western District)(2)

Golden State Warriors Jersey

This season, the Warriors are very unlucky. Although they changed their new home, they suffered a defeat in the opening season in the absence of CURRY and KLAY injuries. Even the city model did not have the sincerity to launch the new model. The team’s statement jersey changed color, the side changed from yellow to blue and the jersey changed from dark gray to black, which is the most sincere of the 30 teams.

The author knows the design concept of THE TOWN jersey, but will it be too casual to use it directly with the city model?

Experience: There is no one to say.

New Zealand and Australia Pelicans Jersey

The Pelicans also directly used last year’s city models. New Orleans’ local carnival carnival style has become a frequent visitor to the Pelicans’ jerseys.

Experience: Although this color is very good , but I want to see different carnival jerseys.

San Antonio Spurs Jersey

The Spurs, like the Jazz, haven’t changed their city jerseys in the past three years (only the Spurs have white styles). The camouflage style is a tribute to the local U.S. military base and soldiers in San Antonio. It hasn’t been signed with NIKE before The special styles of the Spurs are inseparable from the camouflage military uniform.

Experience: Although the NIKE model is very beautiful, I just want to see more city models that combine San Antonio culture.

Memphis Grizzlies Jersey

This year the Grizzlies have not released a city jersey (the Grizzlies have not yet been announced, so there is no speculation), replaced by the team’s 25th anniversary of the history of the army (from Vancouver to Memphis period) retro jersey two The pieces are the big brown bear jerseys worn in 95-00, and the other is the style that was worn when he moved to the Memphis 00-04 season. The retro style is worn to commemorate the anniversary, so the number on the LOGO is 20 years).

Portland Trail Blazers Jersey

The city models of the Pioneers team still use the city’s nickname “RIP CITY” as the city jersey . This season’s style adopts the style of retro jerseys. The overall is simple and clear, giving the straps that symbolize the Pioneers team. Removal, followed by the most authentic retro jersey style, also corresponds to the ideas conveyed by the pioneers 50th anniversary.

Origin of RIP CITY name

The LOGO to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Pioneers. Image source:

The statement jersey of the Pioneers team made some color changes this season. The original simple red and black color was added with a new white line. The font was also changed from black to white. The retro jersey was worn during the 76-77 season. Special section.

Experience: Although ordinary, it still has good looks.

Denver Nuggets Jersey

The Nuggets’ Rainbow Skyline City jersey last year was well received. Not only did it pay tribute to the Rainbow Wall jersey from 82-93, it also combined with modern design to transform the skyline line into a thin line, and gradually made a difference between each color. The change of layer lines, such a successful jersey, is still used this year, from the original white model to the black model, with a more night city style.

Image source: Nuggets official website

The 82-93 jerseys are really very colorful and diverse.

Experience: Even if the color is changed, it will still make people pay for the style, but it is a pity that there has never been @@ in Taiwan.

Sacramento Kings Jersey

The Kings also used last year’s style and changed the color. The name of the SAC TOWN on the chest is the abbreviation of Sacramento. The color of the jersey changed from last year’s aqua blue to red. This color and aqua blue are tribute to the early Kings. The visual color system, and this year is also the 35th anniversary of the King moved to Sacramento to become an army. This style is also called an alternative retro jersey.

The jersey label reads “Pride of Sacramento”, which also means how important the Kings are to the city’s residents. Image source: Kings twitter  

The 35th anniversary commemoration LOGO of the team, which read “Glory of the past, glory of the future”.

The Kings also wore retro jerseys this year. This is a dark blue cursive font worn during the 90-94 period. The cursive font is really quite attractive.

Experience: Ordinary styles, although changing colors, can still be considered a pass.

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